Impact of TPP

If TPP was passed and enacted in the United States, it could have a drastic impact on the way people use the internet. TPP could potentially take away certain freedoms the internet offers it’s users. Things like downloading music, movies, watching Youtube videos or social media could all be drastically changed or even taken away with TPP.

My classmate, Yuna Takahashi, a transfer student from Japan told me about her internet habits and how they would change if TPP was passed. She was not aware of the effects TPP would have on the internet or the past attempts. She uses the internet mostly for Facebook and Instagram. “I keep in touch with family and friends on social media,” said Takahashi. TPP would allow internet service providers to “police” the internet and the social media that was meant to keep family and friends in touch might be changed or taken away completely.

Takahashi uses the internet for another unique reason. She watches Japanese TV shows on Youtube. TPP would take these programs off Youtube, because they are copyrighted, regardless of approval, loop holes or otherwise.

“This idea is not a good one in my opinion” said Takahashi. “Japan is not as strict as here with their internet usage.”


Impact of TPP

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