Rising Cost of Education

The cost of education in America has steadily risen over the past few years, making it difficult or sometimes impossible for potential students to further their careers as students. (I got sidetracked during class and talked with another classmate about internships and our experiences there. I am using my experience with student loans in place of an interview.)

I have taken out student loans for all four years of my college education. The loans are in my name, and my parents didn’t co-sign them at all. Every year, interest is added to my loan. My total debt once I graduate is estimated to be around $30,000. The student loan company will begin sending me payments six months after graduation, whether I have secured a job or not.

I came to CSI for many reasons, but one of the more prominent ones is finances. Private colleges with extremely high tuitions just wasn’t an option for me, because I didn’t want to be in such extreme debt at such a young age. CSI allowed me to get a college degree without drowning in debt for the next thirty years. It also allowed me to stay home, work a part time job and save money while getting my degree. CSI has a questionable reputation, but it’s the most logical choice when one considers the finances involved in getting a college education.


I’m not alone in this matter. According to CSNBC, “around $100 billion a year is borrowed through a cottage industry of private and publicly-funded loan programs.” tuition-graph

The presidential candidates have many strong, differing opinions about student loan debt and the rising cost of education. Bernie Sanders has called multiple times for free tuition for college freshmen and sophomores. Other candidates like Ted Cruz want to simply reform the way loans are given out to students. 



Rising Cost of Education

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