Community: What would miss you?

There have been a lot of places that would miss me if i were to leave staten island. my job at stop  and shop, all the customers who know my face, the country donuts next door that serves me breakfast on all my morning shifts. play, the bar me and my friends have made a second home, would notice i’m gone. the diner two blocks down from me that my family and i visit all too often would eventually notice that i’m gone. the deli that i get gas from or the nail salon i visit might also eventually notice.

Equally, i would miss all those places. i have too many memories of wasted nights at my job with co-workers who made them not totally miserable. i can recall alot of nights my group of friends ended up at play, drank too many and stumbled home on the train. my family and i went to the diner after my dance recitals every single year for about 14 years straight. these places are home to me. there places are familiar and carry memories that i dont get in any other community or place.


Community: What would miss you?

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